Defending A Restraining Order: 7 Simple Rules

A restraining order – or temporary PFA (short for Protection From Abuse Act Order) — should get your attention, because of the wide-ranging consequence of a “PFA.” Our Pittsburgh lawyer firm frequently defend PFA actions throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Westmoreland, and Washington Counties. Our lawyers took the liberty of putting together a… Continue reading Defending A Restraining Order: 7 Simple Rules

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Why Do Judges Grant Questionable PFAs?

Free Consultation: 412.780.0008 If a temporary PFA becomes “permanent,” it can have a significant impact on the Defendant’s life:  it creates a public record that he (or she) is an “abuser” or “stalker,” which can jeopardize (1) job opportunities (if the PFA comes up in a background check), (2) custody rights; and even (3) one’s… Continue reading Why Do Judges Grant Questionable PFAs?


Can a Post on Social Media Violate a PFA?

Free Consultation: 412.780.0008 The answer to this question is:  Maybe.   The violation of a PFA involves a criminal proceeding called an “indirect criminal contempt” action, or ICC.  The burden of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt” and with criminal penalties applying (including incarceration), an ICC determination must comport to criminal law.  In criminal law,… Continue reading Can a Post on Social Media Violate a PFA?


Same Sex Marriage in PA

It’s official:  the federal court ruling legalizing same-sex-marriage in Pennsylvania will not be appealed by Pennsylvania’s governor, meaning it is now the law of the land of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that gay marriage is legal.   Let’s take a look at the winners and losers.  WINNERS The winners include same sex couples, divorce lawyers, students… Continue reading Same Sex Marriage in PA