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New Law Governing PFAs and Firearms

Hunters and those relying on guns for self-protection, take note! The old law provided, the Defendant served with a PFA need not turn over his gun unless the alleged victim of the PFA had referenced a gun in the PFA petition. The law has changed, effective April 10, 2019. Now, anyone subject to a final… Continue reading New Law Governing PFAs and Firearms

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Why Do Judges Grant Questionable PFAs?

Free Consultation: 412.780.0008 If a temporary PFA becomes “permanent,” it can have a significant impact on the Defendant’s life:  it creates a public record that he (or she) is an “abuser” or “stalker,” which can jeopardize (1) job opportunities (if the PFA comes up in a background check), (2) custody rights; and even (3) one’s… Continue reading Why Do Judges Grant Questionable PFAs?

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Protection From Abuse Act Defense

Free Consultation: 412.780.0008 Nothing says “I love you” like a restraining order, according to the song by post-hardcore band Our Last Night. All kidding aside, a restraining order – a/k/a Protection From Abuse Act Order (“PFA”) – is serious business. No level of abuse should be tolerated.  Any amount of abuse is too much.   For this reason, the… Continue reading Protection From Abuse Act Defense

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Charlie Sheen’s Legal Woes, Fact and Fiction.

It looks like things are getting worse for Charlie Sheen.  It appears that he has a court date coming up in February, but according to reports,  Hanes has already dropped him from its advertising.   It may be some time before the courts take a serious look at whether there is any truth to the recent allegations about Charlie Sheen. … Continue reading Charlie Sheen’s Legal Woes, Fact and Fiction.