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New Law Governing PFAs and Firearms

Hunters and those relying on guns for self-protection, take note! The old law provided, the Defendant served with a PFA need not turn over his gun unless the alleged victim of the PFA had referenced a gun in the PFA petition. The law has changed, effective April 10, 2019. Now, anyone subject to a final… Continue reading New Law Governing PFAs and Firearms

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The Use of a Parenting Coordinator

What is a “parenting coordinator”? A parenting coordinator is a person appointed by the judge in custody cases to help execute and coordinate ancillary issues of a custody order.  This helps ease the burden of the trial judge in dealing with the day to day aspects of implementing a custody order.  Parenting coordination has become a significant area of… Continue reading The Use of a Parenting Coordinator

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National Adoption Month

Our firm takes pride in helping familes grow through the loving concept of adoption.  This process involves the legal termination of rights of the biological parent(s) followed by a proceeding for adoption of the child into a new family. Aside from the legal services we offer, we want our clients and the general public to know that… Continue reading National Adoption Month

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Tiger Woods…What Were You Thinking?

This is a question that divorce attorneys rarely get to ask their clients.  In divorce cases, the usual questions we have are:  Where do you reside (for purposes of jurisdiction)? When were you married? How many assets did you accumulate together?    But rarely do we ask:  what were you thinking.  Admittedly, the answer is not all that important for purposes of… Continue reading Tiger Woods…What Were You Thinking?

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Western PA Case Profiled in the New York Times

The New York Times has recently reported on an unusual child support case.  There, a mother in an intact family cheated on her husband and became pregnant.  The husband acted as a father to the child even after the husband suspected the child was not his.  Husband and wife separated.  The husband agreed to pay child support while… Continue reading Western PA Case Profiled in the New York Times